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How Asking For Help Allowed Me To Have My Best Year Yet

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Last year was my best year so far in commercial real estate.

In fact, I did more business in 2021 than my last three years combined. I don’t say that to brag but to highlight an important decision I made which would allow me to have such a successful year in 2021. Of course, there were a plethora of factors that contributed to last year being my best so far but one in particular I wanted to highlight in this article.

As things began to get back to normal, or at least somewhat normal, after the pandemic, I found myself buried with admin tasks that were taking up way too much of my day. If you’re in sales, then you probably know how time consuming tasks such as adding notes to a contact record in Salesforce, updating an email in a CRM, or creating an email marketing template can be overwhelming

These tasks, while important in a business, don’t make money in the short-term. 

As I sat at my desk one night doing forensic accounting at 11 PM, I quickly realized that if I was going to achieve the goals that I had set for myself in 2021, I was going to need some help.

The biggest aspect of this business is being able to prepare for the infinite game, not the transactional game. I needed to be aware of what additional resources I needed to maintain healthy growth. Hiring a virtual assistant from MyOutDesk helped me ensure my beliefs were in alignment with my actions so I would be able to prepare for an ongoing future rather than a one-by-one present. 

If you know me personally, you know I’m all about passion, purpose and results

My goal is to be able to influence the economic landscapes of communities through commercial real estate. 

When I got into commercial real estate, I realized it was a vehicle for me to be able to build a life and a lifestyle that I want. I also knew that I had to believe in what I was doing and commercial real estate truly provided me with that opportunity. Being able to broker deals with restaurants and small businesses near where I grew up is very fulfilling for me. Driving around and seeing the impact that I have had on the economic landscape from restaurants, businesses, and investors have on the community and the local economy is really incredible.

This component of the business is truly important to me, and looking back on it those days of being bogged down by Administrative work was the moment that I realized I needed some help to scale my business. Without that realization, I may not have been able to close those deals and might still be stuck in the whirlwind.


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